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Campaign Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with all required parties for campaign building and delivery.

Supervise everyday activities of campaigns related to national, regional and local advertisements.

Collaborate with national account teams to resolve all client issues.

Perform tests on campaigns and ensure integrity of all data and monitor all live campaigns.

Perform quality assurance checks for campaigns and evaluate content and ensure contract information according to database.

Ensure compliance to all company standards contractual requirements

Perform troubleshoot on campaign, optimize flight schedule and ensure effective execution and delivery of campaigns.

Manage all communication with advertisers on all ad specifications.

Provide resolution to all ad creative issues and monitor effective implementation of same and prepare reports.

Design precision of campaigns in ad delivery system and execute all necessary creative changes in same.

Supervise campaign performance and recommend optimization for same.

Perform strategic analysis and provide an insight onto delivery and management of campaigns.

Assist the campaigners, agencies, publishers and related internal teams and provide service support for same.

Manage work as campaign manager and monitor all client related issues.

Administer sales contracts and interpret all insertion orders.

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