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Field Organizer Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and organize outreach activities such as campaigns, public events, community meetings, etc for brand awareness.

Coordinate and develop campaign activities.

Plan and schedule field education events in target communities.

Supervise and guide campaign committees.

Initiate orientation and training programs for volunteers.

Identify volunteers and select leaders for running campaigns.

Devise and execute innovative volunteer engagement strategies through social networks.

Establish a strong networking with media for public education.

Address campaign issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Initiate media outreach communications.

Engage actively in networking with public officials for public outreach communications.

Prepare publications, press release and alerts.

Participate in committee meetings and conferences.

Monitor campaign activities closely in collaboration with Managers to ensure campaign goals.

Facilitate the development of campaign materials such as displays, fliers, notices, brochures, etc.

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