Event Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Design an effective event table and implement same and maintain records of all client audits and perform regular audit to maintain accuracy.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all store personnel to achieve all client objectives and prepare expense reports according to company policies and implement all event requirements.

Prepare and manage communication for master calendar and ensure effective of all services for customers and prepare all project lines and timeframe and assist to evaluate all projects and ensure compliance to project standards.

Manage and negotiate with vendors for all contracts and implement all events and manage all communication with all attendees and prepare all reports for all event sponsors and ensure compliance to all project timeframe and manage all vendor relationships.

Plan and implement all meetings and prepare events and administer all food and beverage requirements and manage all vendor relationships and design all advertisements for same and prepare strategies to achieve all program objectives.

Monitor inventory of all event requirements and maintain availability of all resources and manage all communication for project deliverables and ensure achievement of all project objectives and evaluate all event procedures within required timeframe.

Maintain effective relationships with vendors and maintain all invoice payments and coordinate with board of trade to maintain effectiveness of all budgets and maintain professional relationships with all members.

Coordinate with Manager of events to prepare plans and logistics for annual dinner and assist in all ticket sales and achieve all budget requirements for projects and manage communication with departments to increase awareness of all events.

Coordinate with all speakers and sponsors and prepare all speaking notes and provide all logistical details and develop sales plans for all events.

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