Executive Compensation Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

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Maintain optimal knowledge of all SEC and IRS regulations for all compensation programs and prepare required plans for all communication activities and develop executive packages to analyze all data.

Coordinate with vendors for all communication materials and develop and update compensation committee book and assist in distribution for same and administer all long term compensation programs.

Organize all benchmark activities for compensation programs and evaluate all management positions and analyze and prepare all compensation packages to recommend new hires and promotions to staff and ensure compliance to all legal requirements for programs.

Coordinate with all subject matter experts to ensure compliance to all legal regulations for all compensation programs and assist talent acquisition and business partners to design all compensation packages and analyze all benchmarks with help of all tools and processes.

Analyze all financial impact of packages on systems and recommend improvements if required and prepare management reports for same and coordinate with tax and payroll officers to manage all compensation associate expenses.

Prepare an efficient incentive plan design and implement all compensation benefits and provide education on all programs to target audiences and provide support and document all job evaluations to prepare all compensation plans accordingly.

Administer all long term incentive programs for organization and maintain knowledge on all accounting and tax requirements and analyze all financial performance for all compensation activities.

Analyze all processes and recommend ways to increase performance and evaluate all compensation plans for manager and determine all equity award.

Monitor all new and existing compensation programs and prepare required data and submit it to compensation committee and evaluate all new job requirements and monitor all salary ranges review external competiveness.

Perform surveys for all market salaries and analyze all market data to maintain an efficient survey data library and design an effective competitive salary range structure and recommend changes of all financial analysis on market.

Analyze and perform calculation on all annual incentive bonuses and coordinate with senior director for all special projects and provide training to all business partners for compensation processes.

Collaborate with managers and business partners for all compensation policies and coordinate with finance departments to prepare accurate bonus accruals and maintain professional relationships with all third party vendors.

Assist various departments to gather materials for presentation to compensation and benefit committee board and evaluate all executive compensation programs with help of benchmark data.

Design all job description and analyze all requirements to ensure compliance to all business objectives and provide assistance to management on all compensation policies and procedures.

Prepare annual proxy reports and provide required support for same and analyze all internal quality reviews and provide subject matter expertise for all special projects.

Oversee all equity plan maintenance programs and perform research on same.

Monitor all executive packages and mailings to analyze all data and maintain databases and web portal and collaborate with vendors to develop all communication materials efficiently.

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