Executive Director Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop efficient executive program and manage all communication plan and maintain knowledge on all new events and modify reports as per requirement.

Monitor all budget expenses for program and forecast all financial requirement accurately and provide an interface with all stakeholders and major clients and analyze all program incorporation into marketplace and perform required research on same.

Coordinate with marketing team to design an efficient marketing and outreach programs and prepare strategies to ensure response to all RFP activities and administer all service level agreements to resolve all customer issues efficiently.

Monitor and evaluate all activities of operations and provide training to all team members when required and supervise efficient working of all employees.

Ensure customer satisfaction in all activities and maintain exceptional quality for same and develop all implement all strategic plans.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with donors and members and ensure success of organization and supervise all budgets according to required financial capacity and ensure compliance to all regulations.

Supervise all design and quality programs for products through various retail store and assist to select and hire appropriate employees for all compensation levels to achieve all meeting objectives.

Coordinate with board members to analyze all programs and identify all key issues for processes and ensure implementation of all board policies efficiently and supervise all fundraising activities.

Monitor all fundraising activities and develop and implement various long term strategies for all education programs and design all initiative to achieve all program objectives.

Ensure compliance to all reports for various funding sources and evaluate efficient working of staff on regular basis and participate in all staff memtings and design and maintain all internal controls and procedures.

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