Facility Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Maintain and manage all facility equipment and tools.

Supervise work of volunteers and outside contractors.

Record all utility shut off valves and study steps to take in physical emergencies.

Ensure production camp is clean and safe as per OSHA standards.

Maintain and manage Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) program.

Support incoming groups by moving furniture to meet guest needs.

Mentor and guide staff in safe use of tools and vehicles.

Ensure to keep tool shed, trash areas workshop, and construction areas clean and systematically arranged.

Manage maintenance and custodial staff.

Develop apt organizational environment and value system to enforce work force morale and productivity.

Plan, direct and focus on customer strategically.

Head and perform role of production employees occasionally as required.

Train production employees and demonstrate performance procedure to attain company standards.

Perform activities within plasma center.

Supervise implementation of improvements.

Arrange, develop, and utilize management team.

Update and maintain knowledge on State and Federal regulations, FDA approved Standard Operating Procedure Manuals, OSHA, CLIA and cGMP.

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