Family Physician Responsibilities and Duties

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Interact with patients to provide examinations, treatments and information.

Coordinate medical staff and ensure clinic or office is updated in using current medical treatment options.

Utilize different medical conditions in patients ranging from emergency procedures through to check-ups.

Research various medical treatments and procedures.

Participate in workshops and training sessions and networking with other professionals in same field.

Ensure to complete all required documentation and paperwork for patient referrals, logs and charts and government and health reporting.

Provide information to various groups, community agencies and organizations on health issues affecting families.

Inform comprehensive health care to patients according to clinic protocols and community standards.

Involve in health maintenance and acute episodic care.

Monitor long term care of chronic illness and patient education.

Refer patients to right specialty physicians as necessary.

Ensure to attempt to exceed clinical productivity benchmarks and other productivity indicators.

Participate actively in outcome and other quality-related initiatives aimed at improving patient outcomes as identified by Medical Director.

Update and manage patient records set by clinic protocol.

Ensure to complete data sheets promptly and worker’s compensation forms, special insurance, disability and other forms.

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