Fashion Merchandiser Responsibilities and Duties

Transfer products from designer and manufacturer to customer hands.

Develop good marketing strategies to increase sales.

Enhance income projection through efficient advertising campaigns.

Present fashion products in very appealing manner to entice customers.

Oversee creation of fashion store and visual displays.

Analyze changing market trends, supervise sales, oversee production costs and develop income projections for company.

Design and develop fashion line for target consumer for current season.

Transfer fashion garments from designer and manufacturer to consumers.

Formulate good marketing strategies to increase store sales.

Execute Company Merchandising Strategy for procurement of Merchandise.

Incorporate and interpret Brand Partners procurement strategies to deliver and preserve brand identity.

Implement Profit Planning Strategy for each brand incorporating different profit parameters to achieve Business and Sales Plan objectives for sales and profitability.

Ensure markdown targets are met to maximize profitability.

Monitor and control fashion product costing.

Develop overall merchandising concept for sport division and transfer concept into right merchandise direction to suit target market.

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