Camera Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and operate motion picture cameras r to record scenes related to TV broadcasts, advertisement and motion films.

Prepare and execute each shot according to technical aspects such as light, lenses, camera film, filters to achieve appropriate effects.

Determine camera placement, composing shots and provide recommendations.

Work with zoom lenses; vary images as per instructions and rehearsal.

Administer all cameras and prepare various in stationary, track-mounted, or crane-mounted modes.

Perform tests and clean equipment to secure proper working condition.

Analyze positions and make adjustments in placement and controls related to cameras, printers, and other equipment.

Collect and edit raw footage on location to send to television affiliates for broadcast, with help of electronic news-collector and film-production tools.

Collaborate with directors, sound and lighting technicians, electricians for the assignments and determine filming sequences.

Monitor chain-of-command from director on floor to main director.

Manage and observe sets or locations for any issues and establish appropriate filming and lighting for camera.

Implement all quality checks related to effective maintenance of camera.

Ensure effective access to anchor microphone and manage all communication information host and control room.

Maintain all areas related to studio and prop room.

Assist camera technician regarding camera setup, poses, distances, movement, and other variation.

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