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Character Artist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop characters based on project art and technical specifications.

Create high resolution and high fidelity 3D models of characters.

Help in developing character content pipeline and art production pipeline.

Maintain high quality and productivity throughout the project while meeting the deadlines.

Work well with other artists and contribute to team progress.

Perform designing, rigging, modeling and texturing of characters

Address design critiques from Lead Artist and make revisions in a timely manner.

Evaluate character content and perform final polishing if required.

Work under the guidance of Lead Artist to develop character look and feel.

Resolve character and pipeline related issues in a timely manner.

Maintain accurate documentations for character production methodologies and techniques.

Understand project limitations, milestones and risks and work accordingly.

Recommend new software, techniques and technologies to enhance character art production.

Help to develop best practices for art creation.

Attend training programs for skill enhancement and professional development.

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