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Flash Animator Responsibilities and Duties

Design and develop animation shots for all assign projects.

Develop animations for variety of objects to create different characters of varying sizes.

Coordinate with designers to develop animations of concepts through various arts.

Collaborate with engineers to integrate games and animations in various projects.

Maintain knowledge on all existing animation tools, game art technology and workflow to integrate technology and animation.

Design and implement visually appealing animations and maintain customer friendly environment.

Prepare sketches and storyboard layouts to obtain progression of animation in final product.

Design graphic elements and provide support to assign animation projects.

Collaborate with Graphic Developers to create new graphics from existing ones.

Analyze all graphics and incorporate flash elements to projects as required.

Provide support to art directors and vendor producers by providing sample animations according to company requirement.

Coordinate with art directors, designers, hosting company agents and marketing professionals to initiate and launch new projects.

Prepare detailed change order records, license agreements and prepare project documentation to assist production team.

Develop 2D animations with support of Flash and develop Flash-based interactive media applications according to pre-written action scripts.

Collaborate with Content Manager, Project Manager and Creative Director to obtain background information to provide support for assigned project.

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