Talent Acquisition Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Design various recruitment strategies for all candidates.

Collate all competitive data and manage all communication with team and develop effective relationships with hiring manager to implement various strategies.

Develop and maintain relationship with all recruitment process outsource managers.

Design an efficient network for al centers and provide required training and implement various sourcing strategies and perform various retention activities.

Design and maintain effective relationships with all business partners.

Maintain subject matter expertise and assist to source all candidates as per customer requirements.

Prepare an efficient network and design efficient workflow strategies for all internal and external research.

Coordinate with stakeholders to incorporate all metrics into all talent acquisition systems.

Maintain and efficient and healthy system at all times and design various recruitment strategies and maintain pool of candidates at all times.

Collaborate with hiring managers and design all recruitment plans.

Provide support to all customers and analyze all business strategies and achieve all objectives and maintain efficient relationships with all business leaders.

Ensure compliance to all company policies and recommend development to process if required and perform research on all various hiring practices.

Perform various candidate search through efficient internet technology and participate in various cold calls to attain potential candidates and screen all candidates for interviews.

Administer and maintain various requisition folders.

Monitor all sourcing activities and mange all corporate resources and implement all applicant tacking systems and collaborate with hiring manager to perform all interviews.

Manage all communication with candidates and schedule all interviews and make required travel arrangements and participate in screening process and review all candidate qualifications.

Prepare reports for all recruitment statistics and maintain accuracy in system and document all process and ensure compliance to same.

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