Film and Video Editor Responsibilities and Duties

Edit raw footage content for producing film and video.

Perform video and audio editing based on story sequence and continuity.

Use creativity techniques in designing graphics.

Work closely with producers and directors during production.

Create the voiceover text and other commentary for the video.

Cut video sequences effectively to ensure the scenes are seamless and flow logically.

Review the script to better understand the video production requirements.

Perform all editing work including inserting music, sound effects, storyboarding, etc.

Prepare a logical storyboard by combination of the most effective scenes.

Review all edited tapes to identify any issues and recommend changes as necessary.

Develop superior skills and expertise in handling computer editing equipment, video switching devices, etc.

Discuss with directors and producers about video layouts and editing styles.

Collaborate closely with others in audio and visual teams to create continuous and complete story.

Organize and assemble video segments to deliver continuous and sequential story of specified length.

Develop post-production models for films.

Organize video screenings for directors and producers to get their feedback.

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