Finance Director Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Initiate compliance and regulatory issues pertaining to financing activities of an organization.

Ensure adherence to the corporate finance policies and best practices and standards.

Manage stock activities, equity investors and corporate bonds.

Advise top financial management on all financing activities.

Forecast corporate budgets.

Build forecast models and metrics to the near accuracy.

Manage mergers, acquisitions, expansions, capital projects and divestitures.

Initiate strategic planning to make projects successful.

Prepare financial statements, reports and projections in compliance to success metrics.

Strategize, manage and maintain all financial databases.

Assist and support financial analysts, finance clerks and statisticians.

Resolve finance staffing issues with the recruiting department.

Develop improvements to efficiency, accuracy and scalability.

Assist top financial management in risk management activities.

Create and implement financial analyses for top management team.

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