Finance and Administration Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage financial and administration teams to achieve company financial goals.

Develop the overall corporate financial goals and objectives.

Oversee preparation of financial records related to general ledger, payroll, budget, expense, etc.

Assist in account receivable and payable activities.

Maintain accurate bank records of cash withdrawals and deposits.

Follow standard accounting process for financial analysis and reporting activities.

Evaluate existing accounting system and recommend improvements if required.

Assist in developing and managing budgeting system.

Perform account reconciliations and generate financial reports.

Identify and resolve invoicing issues, accounting discrepancies and other financial related problems.

Manage all client accounts for payment settlements.

Initiate orientation and training programs for employees.

Track and monitor resource needs and other material needs for carrying out financial and administration tasks.

Monitor and manage expenses within allotted budgets.

Interview, hire and train new employees in financial and administration activities.

Assist in resource identification, work assignment, performance evaluation, and promotion decision activities.

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