Financial Advisor Trainee Responsibilities and Duties

Identify, develop and cultivate your own client base.

Develop plans to expand client base and identify prospective clients for same.

Create a sales and marketing strategy for new client relationships.

Design marketing plans and maintain effective relationships with clients.

Attend meetings with Financial Advisors to assist them with presenting proposals.

Coordinate with financial consultants and recommend appropriate offer as per requirement.

Assist with the development of target marketing strategies and build high-impact presentations and other communications to present to clients.

Develop competent marketing plan and prepare presentation for clients and manage all communication for same.

Recommending investment products and services that are suitable for prospects and clients based on their objectives, resources, time horizon, risk profile and preferences.

Perform research to analyze client requirement and develop various investment products and services for clients.

Balancing investment growth, referral activities, customer follow up, prospect building, administrative compliance and personal growth and development according to both a day-to-day and longer-term plan.

Prepare investment management program and ensure appropriate balance for same and provide appropriate feedback for same.

Planning and managing resources (time, people, budget) to run a productive practice.

Coordinate with human resource department, prepare budget for financial processes and develop plans to increase profitability for same.

Analyze client requirement and develop appropriate investment strategies for same.

Completing mandated training, assessments, performance goals and continuing education requirements.

Participate in various training programs and seminars to increase performance of work.

Acquire clients through personalized marketing techniques to meet minimum performance hurdles.

Develop marketing strategies to increase client base and ensure good clients for organization.

Work autonomously from your own neighborhood office while being supported by an international financial services leader.

Administer efficient working and coordinate with international financer for support.

Enhance official work independently and get effective backup from international financer.

Build your business by identifying and cultivating prospective clients.

Identify good clients to initiate growth in business.

Help clients to determine financial and investment needs, and utilize sales skills to effectively recommend suitable financial products.

Assist client to with appropriate investment plan and identify products according to requirement.

Be trained in financial products to suit a variety of objectives and risk levels.

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