Financial Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain all records and ensure integrity and accuracy in database and perform appropriate research for same.

Coordinate with colleagues, donors and personnel and processes all gifts and ensure accuracy of database.

Prepare documents for all gifts such as gift in kind and maintain appropriate payrolls and perform require editing.

Manage and develop web pages for fund raising and upload all require information on various e-commerce sites.

Administer website and maintain current information on same.

Manage all gift receipts and prepare pledge reminders and acknowledgement letters for same.

Develop and evaluate all financial reports on monthly and annual basis.

Monitor all correspondence for various constituents in database.

Prepare records of all gift filings and evaluate functionality of central file.

Ensure compliance to all check cashing policy and limitation of authority policy.

Coordinate with all employees and manage bank money orders and traveler checks.

Administer all transaction, reconcile teller cash and prepare reports for same.

Analyze and identify opportunities to initiate sale of bank product and service.

Coordinate with manager and ensure achievement of all compensation taregets.

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