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Assistant Treasurer Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with various departments and forecast cash flow at company and provide information on placement of money.

Document all bank transactions and maintain track of all activities of bank account data.

Supervise third party collection activities and compile all reports for corporate collection.

Assist in collection and deposition of cash in cash chests in presence of two witnesses to ensure transparency and accountability.

Provide assistance to treasurer and operate treasury in line with existing accounting procedures.

Ensure income and congregation accounts tally with each other as per established accounting procedures.

Administer efficient operation of treasury and ensure strict compliance with national financial policies.

Coordinate with Treasurer to plan and evaluate treasury’s financial operation.

Participate in various Finance committees as member and provide assistance to prepare budgets.

Manage all office functions in absence of treasurer and execute all duties pertaining to treasurer’s office.

Review daily or weekly cash flows and prepare annual financial report to submit to higher authority.

Oversee corporate debt facilities and ensure adherence to established treasury rules and prepare reports of all such activities.

Prepare monthly and quarterly reports as per existing financial norms.

Assist Treasurer and senior management to review and analyze re-finance requirements, corporate finances and capital markets.

Provide support to business units on projects and initiatives such as financing projects by third parties.

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