Associate Financial Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all insurance underwriting process and investment accounts, facilitate calls to existing customers and schedule all appointments and activities for clients.

Develop various presentations and proposals for clients according to requirements and maintain all files and case notes on computers and manage all information of finances with clients.

Provide optimal level of client services and maintain effective relationships with clients and coordinate with various financial representatives for same.

Prepare all account forms and new statements and manage all investment associated materials and prepare an effective financial schedule for clients.

Participate in various marketing seminars and prepare all associate materials and maintain all insurance and investment related materials.

Analyze client personal details and send card on birthday on behalf of all financial representatives and assist to process all loans and prepare investment plans and proposals for clients.

Schedule meetings with clients and collect all relevant information to prepare reports and monitor and ensure effective resolution of all client insurance service requests.

Prepare all letter of instruction and ensure signature on same and prepare all policies for clients and coordinate with client to ensure completion of all forms and receipts.

Monitor all paperwork and prepare checks for all investment operations and evaluate application for authenticity.

Administer all underwriting and arrange for all medical examination as require, prepare monthly reports and provide current status to all clients.

Coordinate with clients and schedule meetings with appropriate representatives.

Analyze all information and collaborate with client for all demographics and ensure accurate new account forms for all clients.

Participate in all activities for sales cycle and provide contract base information to all.

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