Collateral Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Review all collaterals and ensure compliance to all procedures and evaluate all information and ensure accuracy of same and prepare required documentation.

Evaluate all collateral information and perform verification on same and analyze qualities for all loan collateral accounts and ensure eligibility for same.

Analyze all collaterals and provide detail reports for all accounts and ensure compliance to all documents and monitor all values and evaluate same.

Coordinate with account administrator and ensure accuracy on all collateral and monitor portfolio of all finance clients according to required administrative procedures and evaluate all invoices and prepare reports for same.

Assist account executive to ensure appropriate documents for all new debtors and prepare schedule for same and scan all copies and maintain records for future.

Review all policy exceptions and material issues and inform portfolio manager for same and identify and resolve all trade allocation issues and escalate if required to senior management.

Monitor all outstanding disputes and inform Regional Credit Management for same and participate in all dispute meetings on weekly basis and generate required reports.

Evaluate all reports on everyday basis to maintain accurate and review all credit policy and update client position for same.

Monitor and reconcile all lain associate activities and payments and coordinate with account administrator to prepare everyday posting.

Ensure compliance to all Credit policy of organization and maintain accuracy in operational procedures and assist loan officers and customer in resolution of all issues.

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