Financial Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all financial data, monitor all transactions and prepare appropriate reports for same.

Prepare and deliver various accounting reports for every individual project on a regular basis.

Manage and reconcile all financial projects appropriately.

Monitor all financial transactions and recommend ways to increase effectiveness of same.

Develop and maintain a database of records to ensure smooth transaction for all financial processes.

Coordinate with Insurance Coordinator and evaluate all insurance papers to analyze benefits and advantages for same.

Assist social worker and other associates for all Medicare policies.

Provide technical support to all patients and assist in accurate submission of all applications for Medicaid.

Monitor all expenditure and perform required calculations for same.

Perform patient identification appropriately and evaluate for secondary insurance coverage.

Assist patients with application forms and provide appropriate aid as required.

Coordinate with patients and inform of any cancellation on insurance.

Provide support to account receivable department as per patient requests.

Prepare regular productivity reports and evaluate for completeness and authenticity of information.

Assist consumers and ensure effective implementation of all budget and financial issue.

Assist all employees and entrepreneurs and prepare budget plans and provide technical support.

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