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Equity Research Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Recommend security investments for purchase, sale or hold.

Prepare reasonable equity research thesis for each investment position.

Convey investment ideas both verbally and in written reports to other Analysts/Portfolio Managers.

Perform maintenance work on securities held within Portfolio Manager’s funds.

Update and manage current financial models on each company.

Study all available public information on individual companies.

Update Portfolio Manager accordingly with material information.

Interact with company management regularly with respect to equity research.

Participate in industry seminars, report back any relevant information and support marketing efforts.

Participate in presentations to Wholesalers and existing and potential clients.

Formulate and decide views on industry and companies within industry covered working on financial models.

Generate adequate number of reports on industry assigned to them.

Ensure timely and accurate dissemination of idea to strategists.

Upgrade and analyze current industry trends and trade publications.

Interact with Institutional Clients.

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