Financial Modeling Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with BA&D modelers and management and gather information on all business requirements for performance tracking.

Analyze and identify data requirements related derivation rules and model tracking.

Collaborate with modeling areas to identify tracking reports and thresholds associate with financial modeling.

Perform MPT related analysis and requirements and monitor all test related activities.

Develop complex financial models for global investors and evaluate their portfolio.

Perform work with of help of software and develop complex models to make up library of securitization models.

Analyze and comprehend legal documents on financial structures and modeling and ensure compliance to all standards and deadlines.

Perform quick ad-hoc modeling analysis and research using SAS.

Identify bugs to conduct quality oversight in system.

Develop financial models and assist in strategic initiatives and critical decisions.

Develop and update valuation models and perform cash flow, transaction analysis for public company comparables.

Collaborate with valuation consultants and prepare annual valuation of Company’s stock and perform audit.

Manage special projects, implement and recommend process improvements to budget and prepare forecast for company.

Assist in performing financial benchmark that includes reporting of major performance indicators.

Assist in implementation and selection of comprehensive budget, forecast solutions and develop presentations.

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