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Financial Planning Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop quality financial planning and coordinate with administrative staff to perform efficient data entry.

Coordinate with clients to design initial database, interpret current insurance and facilitate all deals for same.

Manage all current business and respond to all client service requests.

Develop an effective implementation schedule and supervise production of all local financial plans.

Collaborate with financial planners and design effective client strategy, prepare financial plans and provide training sessions on finance.

Administer and update newsletter and bulletin of firms, manage all financial publication and presentations as well as online postings.

Recruit financial planners and recommend appropriate candidate and provide training to staff to provide front line support.

Communicate the value proposition of financial planning at local level.

Maintain and analyze all home office reports and submit it to management.

Monitor progress of firm prepare report for all results.

Maintain knowledge on all financial plans for company and execute all policies.

Ensure adherence to all enterprise standard and organize yearly financial planning meetings.

Prepare reports for all financial processes and policies, modifications and violations on various procedures.

Assist in financial departments to prepare long term plans, evaluate and prepare publication for budget.

Develop and update budget calendar, budget instructions and administer consolidation and template distribution.

Maintain proper audit trail, account charts, codes and authorize company adjustments.

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