Financial Reporting Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Perform audits on all financial statements and balance sheets for legal entities; manage footnote submissions for all reports.

Coordinate with various departments and monitor annual and quarterly deliverables for outside auditors and prepare SoX documentation.

Prepare and manage monthly reports to submit it to financial management and board and members.

Prepare and maintain report templates for more advanced reports, supervise all enhancement and development requests.

Review and analyze financial reports collected from different departments and recommend activities for future income of organization.

Collaborate with senior management and provide update on financial reports, progress and modifications.

Administer production and distribution of internal financial reports, compile various cross functional reports.

Participate in compilation of quarterly and yearly footnotes, manage external financial statements and associated disclosure.

Ensure compliance with internal controls and prepare financial reports, document accounting policies according to accounting standards and update same on GAAP.

Assist department management to manage database and perform quarterly and yearly audits.

Maintain record for all archive through various applications and ensure access to it, analyze reviews and prepare reports for large sources of data.

Maintain issuing of regular metrics, reports and dashboards on financial issues from different units of revenue department.

Develop and maintain consolidated reports and distribution list.

Participate in system migration, analyze data to suit changing requirements, perform reviews and prepare necessary documents.

Maintain data storage, prepare SEC and other filings, analyze, conclude and research accounting pronouncements and technical issues.

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