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Financial Reporting Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with various teams and perform complex analysis and prepare reports to summarize financial data.

Monitor and perform studies to interpret financial actions and modify accounting processes and provide technical advice and recommend improvements for same.

Prepare and interpret all operating results, annual budgets and administer forecasts for monthly BPR reports and FDC.

Develop financial models, prepare forecasts and reporting tools to identify business opportunities, risk and ensure performance better.

Coordinate with senior management and prepare forecasts and budgets to meet business goals with help of accounting staff and documents all research accounting issues.

Develop and maintain forecast models for income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement of company.

Analyze all financial reports and assist in improvement and execution process, review all earning releases, administer investor presentations and conference calls scripts to ensure accuracy.

Ensure compliance to all reporting requirements, file quarterly forms according to current requirements and document new rules.

Develop and maintain supporting documents for all financial reports and evaluate it for various departments and committees.

Coordinate with various departments and prepare recurring financial reporting packages.

Prepare press releases and financial statements, maintain and ensure adherence to reporting schedules and inform client for deadlines.

Review filings of competitor and ensure best practice for company and comply with strict standards for periodic reporting.

Assist financial reporting disclosure committee and prepare minutes for meetings.

Supervise revenue recognition programs and implement new methodologies, review contracts to interpret financial issues and documents same.

Develop and implement internal financial controls for integration of closing process and financial activities of company.

Manage all communication with associates on issues like goal setting, feedback, performance planning and appraisals.

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