Financial Services Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee general accounts, budget functionaries, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payrolls.

Establish profit generating relationship with small business groups within local market and provide customized business solutions.

Assist financial services staff to optimize sales and maintain effective customer relationship to increase revenues and improve branch effectiveness.

Assist and motivate staff to operate in sales environment for meeting and exceeding customer requirements through retaining loyal customers.

Design, execute and evaluate all company’s marketing plans and procedures to meet established targets and goals.

Develop sales targets for individual sales person and provide necessary assistance to achieve pre-designed goals.

Recruit and train for financial services of company and develop innovative sales techniques for effective and profit oriented results.

Evaluate employee performance and recommend appropriate personnel for promotion or demotion and terminate non-performing employees.

Organize training programs to train and motivate company staff to optimize potential and improve retention of meritorious candidates.

Analyze work of each employee and organize programs for performance improvement.

Monitor work of financial services staff and ensure compliance to company’s procedures and policies.

Oversee service delivery by financial services staff to ensure effective customer oriented services.

Manage and utilize available tools to define client requirements and identify issues to sort out for final resolution.

Coordinate business activities to retain and optimize currently associated small scale business units.

Design and execute innovative business plans to optimize existing relationship in association with senior marketing manager.

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