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Fraud Investigator Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor accounts and transactions regularly to identify any fraudulent activities.

Supervise Fraud Analysts to identify and investigate fraudulent activities.

Perform fraud investigations and submit reports to the concerned manager.

Perform product review to identify any vulnerabilities.

Create and implement preventive measures to stop frauds.

Investigate any suspicious activity and report to management immediately.

Recommend new software tools used for fraud detection, prevention and reporting activities.

Interact with external partners such as law enforcement agencies, vendors and banks to validate information to check fraudulent activities.

Maintain fraud analysis models to improve efficiency and effectiveness of company systems.

Examine fraudulent activities and process claims for clients.

Perform issue resolution and decision making related to fraud detection activities.

Provide expertise advice to less experienced staff regarding detection and investigation of fraudulency.

Identity possible threats to the company such as security lapse, fraud incidents and trademark infringement and take appropriate actions to avoid them in a timely manner.

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