Investment Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Check trades, wire and gift transfers and journals daily.

Check quarterly performance reports and investment management fee bills to ensure processing.

Suggest for client portfolio rebalancing and year-end tax loss harvesting.

Manage new procedures and modify current techniques for execution.

Possess Portfolio Center’s knowledge and iRebal’s capabilities to ensure maximum efficacy of software.

Ensure positive contact with Performance Technologies, Fidelity Investments and vendors.

Support Compliance Officer to enforce policies and audit compliance matters.

Maintain PMS database to ensure PMS system integrity.

Confirm portfolio valuation for management decision making and publicize Net Asset Values.

Measure external and in-house fund managers’ performance.

Support investment related and customer service activities.

Monitor and better current internal controls and processes.

Prepare Financial Statement’s investment disclosure notes by liaising with external auditor.

Coordinate with Investment Operations Director on growth plans.

Design systems and processes operating within Columns Resource Group investment philosophy confines.

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