Investor Relations Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Support evaluation of market and peer data along with extracts.

Define all relevant investment relations information.

Interpret data for benchmarking enterprise performance purpose.

Support development of evaluation of sell-side financial and research models.

Facilitate to collect investment information and support to prepare quarterly and yearly reports for shareholders.

Evaluate shareholder data and update database to oversee interface with investment society.

Prepare conference materials for meetings and presentations.

Coordinate schedules with external and internal participants along with logistics for investor conferences, meetings and other related events.

Update quarterly on company’s stock price, analysts’ forecasts, investor perceptions, peer company and industries performance.

Assist development and implementation of investor targeting.

Review fiscal consensus and manage model founded on sell-side analysts’ forecasts.

Analyze and summarize financial as well as operational information developed by third-parties about industry and company.

Develop competitor and industry financial activities analysis.

Develop, update and maintain Investment Relation database.

Provide organizational, analytical and logistical assistance for investor activities.

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