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Financial Management Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and implement and all financial actions, and instructions to ensure appropriate management.

Perform financial analysis on all services and financial policies, compile and interpret data to prepare reports.

Develop required products on program development, prepare appropriate financial documents.

Design and implement various healthcare programs on financial management and related issues and provide necessary support to comptroller.

Analyze systems, generate financial reports and review fiscal areas of concern to recommend necessary changes.

Participate and conduct training and group sessions on management of assets, accurate financial reporting and tax exemption.

Assist various departments in budget formulation, cost estimation and administer all budget request evaluation and prepare appropriate reports.

Coordinate with team leaders and division chief to plan and execute budget, fund control and accounting process.

Maintain communication with all departments and prepare reports according to relevant laws and acts.

Coordinate with senior specialists in resource management, prepare monthly reports for same.

Collaborate with senior management and provide financial services and support to all analysts.

Analyze all financial records and recommend necessary changes to improve efficiency for program management.

Perform financial planning and audits on various technical activities to ensure efficiency.

Manage files on directives, and other publications, coordinate with staffs on financial issues.

Assist Financial Management Advisor and develop finance SOPs and prepare congressional inquiries.

Attend necessary meetings, schedule correspondences and facilitate interpretation of fiscal policies and systems.

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