Finance Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in budget preparation and management activities.

Develop financial policies to ensure operational efficiency.

Conduct periodic financial analysis to identify and resolve issues, gaps or variances.

Manage cash controls as well as maintain book keeping up-to-date.

Ensure maintenance of the general and subsidiary ledgers.

Track investments and maintain relevant cash reserves.

Ensure all expenses are within assigned project budget.

Oversee the preparation of all financial statements, invoices, proposals, etc as required.

Ensure account receivables and payables activities are performed accurately and timely.

Ensure that financial transactions are properly updated and recorded.

Manage the preparation of balance sheets, income statements, expense reports, etc.

Ensure data integrity in all financial reporting.

Update financial records with recent transactions and changes.

Perform finance analysis, reporting and management tasks.

Identify and resolve invoicing issues, accounting discrepancies and other financial related issues.

Review financial paperwork and procedures and make appropriate changes.

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