Finance Operations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Lead a team of financial executives toward achievement of preset goals.

Approve third party payments through accurate reconciliation of financial records.

Monitor and manage credit card payments and invoice payments.

Act as the main point of contact for addressing any inquiries and questions related to financial operations.

Participate in recruitment activities as well as initiate the performance development training programs.

Manage account payables and receivables activities.

Supervise the daily operational tasks of the credit and collections team.

Develop financial goals and objectives for the team.

Conduct finance audit periodically and recommend improvements.

Develop financial policies and procedures for operational efficiency.

Develop and maintain financial statements for future reference.

Assist Senior Managers in financial management and reporting activities.

Ensure that financial operational activities are executed and delivered as per the standards set by the company.

Develop operational initiatives to achieve financial goals.

Monitor and manage expenses within the established budget.

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