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Tax Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare all financial information and provide required documents and prepare all sales and excise tax returns and ensure compliance to all Form 1099 and design all projections for tax credits.

Maintain and reconcile all tax general ledger accounts and evaluate all account balances and prepare all tax returns and schedule for same and perform regular audits on all tax returns.

Analyze all accounting information and prepare required paperwork.

Analyze all work papers to ensure accuracy and analyze all accounting and tax information and ensure compliance with all regulations.

Maintain all accounting and tax information.

Evaluate all work papers and prepare draft of all state return within timeframe and recommend improvements for same and prepare financial statements for all income tax details.

Administer and ensure compliance to all monthly activities.

Prepare required tax returns and perform research and maintain knowledge on all multi state laws and perform state and local sales tax audit and reduce assessments.

Prepare required support papers for same and assist on all federal and state tax payments and ensure compliance to all consultants on monthly basis and maintain all work on vertex software.

Respond to all tax issues for acquisition of property and portfolio investment.

Provide support to all non- income taxes issues and performs research on various tax issues and prepares all comprehensive memos and maintain record of all transactions for business issues.

Manage all communication for tax risks on all business transactions and collaborate with internal teams to assist all business transactions and provide assistance to all external accounting units.

Respond to all queries associate with tax submissions and ensure compliance to all extensions and payments.

Analyze all transactions and recommend alternatives to same and provide efficient response to all tax inquiries and provide required certificates for same.

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