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Tax Auditor Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain all required paperwork according to required policies and procedures.

Maintain all procedure manual and ensure efficient corporate procedures for same and prepare quarterly reports for same.

Administer all internal audits and ensure compliance to all transaction tests and documents.

Ensure compliance to all statutes and analyze accounting systems and evaluate all tax controls to assist to reduce taxes.

Ensure adherence to all code and assist to manage all data develop from audits and provide required training to all auditors and evaluate all audit files as per requirement.

Analyze all pre audits and develop required audit plans according to procedures and establish appropriate guidelines.

Provide support to all activities and maintain implement of all audit plans and supervise implementation of all tax audits within required timeframe.

Prepare and submit various comprehensive reports and administer all tax statutes and assist tax payer to complete all audits.

Assist to perform all complex audits for all businesses.

Analyze all accoutnign system to administer all additional liabilities.

Evaluate all refunds and perform required calculations for all tax assessment and participate in all closing conference and prepare audit reports.

Maintain knowledge on all tax laws and strategies and prepare reports for same.

Submit all results according to all internal procedures and evaluate all issues to provide assistance to all clients.

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