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Tax Director Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all tax implications and assist to reduce all tax obligation for organizations and establish complexity of all resources and develop and implement all tax strategies and prepare required plans.

Collaborate with various departments and analyze all business issues and meet objectives and collaborate with group members to execute all strategies and plan all domestic and state pricing issues.

Coordinate with all business units and assist in monitoring implication of all issues and evaluate all present and future pricing strategies it ensure optimal level of efficiency and assist IP management.

Design all data for intercompany prices and analyze effective implementation of all intercompany prices and business units and prepare all tax returns files and administer all state and local laws.

Prepare all paperwork for all income tax returns and maintain knowledge on all development of insurance industry and process all projects.

Coordinate with internal audit tax team and determine appropriate IDR report and ensure compliance to all pricing policies and prepare all transfer pricing docuements.

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