Tax Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with clients and ensure achievement of all objectives and design all project budgets and maintain compliance to same and identify and mitigate all tax risks.

Manage all communication with staff and clients.

Perform research all tax planning projects and implement all tax return position and ensure compliance to all departmental policies and procedures.

Prepare all tax papers on monthly and annual basis and ensure compliance to all FAS 109 tax disclosure requirements and maintain all tax balances on general ledger and ensure compliance to all regulations and timeframe and prepare all information data requests.

Assist all business units in legal and tax matters and monitor all human resource processes and ensure adherence to company policies and procedures and provide support to all special projects.

Prepare all state and federal income tax returns.

Calculate all payments and filings and assist to make all tax payments and ensure compliance to all timeframe.

Perform all tax audits and prepare schedule for all tax processes.

Maintain accuracy on all federal and state billing notices and ensure adherence to all income tax provisions and collaborate with tax controversy services and evaluate all credit research.

Perform research to resolve all tax inquiries and provide appropriate solutions and document all federal and tax returns.

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