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Tax Staff Responsibilities and Duties

Develop all tax deliverables by assignment of returns along with relevant filings for assigned customers.

Modify deliverables as reviewed by Senior Manager.

Maintain and comply with all work standards reducing risk exposure.

Present in-depth focus on allocated projects and alert Senior Manager about probable technical tax problems.

Involve in discussions related to resolution of tax problems.

Develop Federal and State Individual, Trust and Corporate tax returns, Partnership and FAS 109 calculations.

Prepare tax package information requests and instruct staff about tax adjustments and execution of tax application systems.

Respond to customer inquires, State and Local tax notices and Internal Revenue Service.

Review accuracy of tax returns, minimize tax liability, determine tax credits and provision.

Interact proactively about areas requiring technical tax knowledge and perform with Senior Manager to identify personal development.

Ensure to calculate and project book v. tax divergence for yearly compliance, estimates for quarter, tax projections along with budgets.

Verify changes in equity for adherence with partnership agreement provisions associated with capital account maintenance as well as assigning loss and income provisions.

Prepare detailed knowledge about tax return due dates.

Estimate tax rates as well as tax requirements.

Develop written responses to simple amended returns, IRS notices and tax projections.

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