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Treasury Management Sales Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Perform product research and identify appropriate solutions for customer requirement and perform analysis.

Coordinate with Product delivery officers and develop efficient relationships with business clients and partners.

Prepare proposals for clients and provide support to all schematics for client presentation.

Monitor all models and recommend pricing resolutions to ensure effectiveness of projects.

Participate in client meetings and analyze client requirements.

Collaborate with business partners and assist in product and credit implementation.

Perform risk monitoring all product and services and initiate all credit approval.

Assist client and perform product demonstrations.

Manage all work of Sales Officer for efficient working of project.

Prepare support to bank associates and ensure compliance to company values and objectives.

Administer work according to internal and external policies and procedures of bank.

Provide support to all audits and manage complex functions for bank.

Analyze all bank account invoices and resolve any discrepancies in same.

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