Financial Director Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop strategies for financial trading.

Determine an effective infrastructure for various capitalist enterprises.

Monitor and recommend solutions to maintain liquidity of all business.

Develop various strategies to distribute all profits appropriately.

Monitor all businesses and manage all communication for profit and financial gains.

Prepare and evaluate all reports for collection of funds.

Participate in board conference and present reports of financial condition of organization.

Evaluate all account related activities and ensure review of all financial chapters.

Maintain records of all donations, grants and revenue generation from ticket sales.

Analyze money depositing process and balance monthly bank statements and perform audit on petty cash on regular basis.

Prepare annual reports and ensure completion of all payrolls.

Maintain and renew all contracts with artists and employees.

Coordinate with employees and develop annual budget plans.

Assist grant writer to prepare application for grants and design strategies to gain approval.

Prepare financial report and present it to board teasurer.

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