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Fire Protection Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Provide technical support to architects, engineers and experts to strengthen all fire protection designs.

Prepare technical data and assist teams in processing of surveys on critical fire protection engineering matters which provide good impact on up-to-date regional programs.

Administer all fire protection policies and fire code in an organized way.

Participate in various special assignments in relation to fire safety.

Monitor and conduct Fire Hazard Analysis and maintain record for technical evaluation.

Document all written rules for fire safety contractors.

Perform research and upgradation all new application to improve the quality of Novec 1230 liquid to extinguish fire.

Administer and recommend improvements to military and aerospace application systems for saving vehicles, aircraft and military aviation fire protection.

Prepare and deliver documents in global venues on process upgrade for all fire protection program development.

Provide technical support to industry on 3Ms products to clean all equipments and products.

Assist and monitor work of employees to ensure protection of life and property in compliance with fire code.

Analyze and recommend improvements fire safety plan and prepare plan according to NEP rules, insurance firm and industry code for safety of property and life of humans from fire.

Evaluate performance of engineers and ensure fulfillment of fire protections needs.

Identify dangerous and risky electrical areas depending on references and recommendations of NEPA and APL.

Prepare and update sheets of engineering manpower install all fire protection facilities and particiapte in bids for future program.

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