Nutrition Services Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement departmental budgets to organize systematic operation of nutrition services.

Maintain appropriate number of staff, prepare work schedules, check shipments and manage inventory and order supplies and food items accordingly.

Participate in all program conducted to improve performance as nutrition service manager.

Train employees to perform safe operation and maintain equipment and ensure efficient handling of food and cleaning work areas.

Coordinate with employees regarding expected outcomes, objectives, policies, work routines and dietary procedures and maintain an efficient dietary program.

Assist residents and provide right quality and quantity of food keeping at right temperature and ensure compliance with established sanitary conditions.

Manage and ensure all meals and snacks according to menus drawn for individual patient.

Analyze and serve meals to each resident as per physician’s recommendation and according to policies and procedures.

Administer preparation of food and supply all raw materials.

Maintain an inventory of food, supplies and necessary equipment to ensure timely preparation and serving of food.

Attend and participate in all resident care conferences to analyze requirements and provide high quality service to residents.

Maintain and operate all kitchen equipment and arrange them in order for easy access to dietary staff.

Prepare and execute weekly cleaning schedule to maintain cleanliness in campus.

Assist employees in regular cleaning and sanitization of dishes, utensils, pots and pans.

Ensure that all supplies and equipment are infection free during storage, preparation and serving stage.

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