Flash Developer Responsibilities and Duties

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Develop concepts and story lines to write scripts for animation films in collaborative environment.

Develop, perform test and debug User Interface codes for animation products and prototypes to provide support to company.

Coordiante with producers, artists and designers to implement innovative and user-friendly User Interface features.

Develop clear and clean codes to align animations with User Interface features.

Collaborate with studio teams to develop games in various languages settings.

Adminsiter social network sites to gain entry for newly developed games and animations into their sites.

Work with creative team to conceptualize online projects that include online advertising, games, animations, presentations and websites.

Develop and implement scalable and dynamic interactive Flash applications on XML platform.

Maintain knowledge and utilize new technologies to enhance creative input for developing animations.

Coordinate with senior managers to determine project goals and provide direction to achieve set goals.

Assist creative team to integrate technology with animations for interactive projects.

Provide support to creative team throughout project implementation period from concept development to post-production tasks.

Coordinate with Quality Assurance, Technical Analysis and Software Development teams to resolve all complex problems.

Manage all communication with inter-department and provide support and feedback for developed projects and recommend further improvements if required.

Provide support to Interactive Development process to develop technologically or creatively superior deliveries.

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