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Assistant Food and Beverage Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare management, variance, and financial reports on periodic basis.

Manage everyday operations, accounting and financial matters of F&B store.

Supervise employee activities to conform to established standards and policies.

Identify and rectify operational, financial and employee issues.

Coordinate with audit and business teams to ensure compliance with established procedures.

Train and guide staffs in their job duties.

Assist in recruitment, performance review, promotion, release, wages and salary adjustments for employees.

Ensure employees follow operational practices, hygiene rules, and quality standards.

Develop and implement training programs for employees.

Manage F&B store operations to ensure excellent service in economic and profitable manner.

Initiate the development methods for high quality food and drink preparation process.

Train assigned staffs on emergency, health and safety policies.

Respond quickly to customer complaints to ensure high quality customer service and satisfaction.

Plan and supervise the marketing and promotion activities to attract more customers.

Assist in ordering, purchasing and stocking F&B products.

Coordinate in sourcing and testing new products and menus.

Conduct regular repairs and maintenances for F&B equipment.

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