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Cake Decorator Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure completion of all client demands and maintain department look for optimal organization.

Administer and ensure optimal level of customer satisfaction and facilitate work by providing surprises.

Manage and apply creativity into decoration of cakes, tarts, pastries and other special orders.

Perform all finishing, labeling of cakes and date all products including cake and pastries.

Prepare non-prepared tart mixtures and mixes as required.

Assist chef to transfer shaped dough portions on greased or floured containers and further put them into oven

Modify drafts or thermostats to adjust temperature of oven

Prepare and cook ingredients required for filling pie, puddings, custards and other desserts.

Supervise efficient pouring of meringue and cream filling and tops filling into pie shells,

Assist other in decoration of cakes and pastries

Manage all mixing of colors for icings and make sugar ornaments.

Prepare and sell good decorated cakes, cupcakes and other products as per the Cake Manual.

Develop product as per the demands of Labor Standards for individual variety.

Ensure effective implementation of tare and portion adjustments.

Adminsiter output of all required bakery products like parfaits, cake slices, bars and cupcakes.

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