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Catering Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage a team of catering staff for successful execution of catering events.

Perform staff management, expense control, menu selection, food preparation and equipment rental to ensure profitable event.

Explore business opportunities to obtain new orders.

Develop positive working relationship with existing customers for repeat business.

Work consistently with catering department on operation and execution of events.

Develop marketing plan to promote catering operations to individuals and organizations.

Respond to customer inquiries in accurate and timely manner.

Prepare comprehensive catering order form according to client’s requirements and interests.

Coordinate and manage catering operations to assure quality services.

Review and finalize sales contracts, catering event orders and pricing agreements with clients.

Attend meetings on regular basis with catering team to discuss about new orders and issues.

Attend trade conventions and shows for business promotions.

Assist in developing budget and financial plans for catering department.

Oversee food preparation, transportation and set-up activities to ensure successful event.

Hire and train staffs on catering processes and policies.

Adhere to sanitation and safety standards.

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