Food and Beverage Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain knowledge and ensure compliance with departmental policies and standard service procedures.

Supervise efficient upkeep of tools through proper usage of equipment and devices.

Analyze all guest requirements and prepare plans resolve customer care related issues and satisfy guests.

Monitor and ensure optimal cleanliness, sanitation for all growth oriented organizational projects.

Manage and administer supply of linen cloths and uniforms to staff members for cleaning rooms and other private suits.

Perform regular investigation on design and provide all materials and devices to ensure enhancement of better services.

Assist all room service staff members to work properly and provide maximum facilities to guests to outlet.

Monitor all phone calls to room service department to ensure timely resolution for same.

Facilitate procedures to take orders from visitors in systematic way and ensure compliance to all regulations and standards of department.

Monitor bar set-up maintenance programs, check buffet/reception tables and coffee breaks process plus initiate plans to enhance beauty of hotels.

Coordinate with various departments and ensure staff set up and supply remain according to departmental standards.

Monitor and ensure completion of orders, administer all maintenance projects plus communicate with engineering staff for all repairs.

Prepare documents and maintain adherence to departmental standards.

Monitor status of assignments and any follow-up in association with manage plus supervisor in waiting list.

Overhaul and monitor archives plus check price list of food and drinks inclusive and analyze on food and drinks.

Inspect food and beverage product preparation programs and maintain goodwill of company.

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