Food Server Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with supervisor and resolve all discrepancy in check.

Determine and ensure adherence to established sequence of service standards.

Monitor and ensure efficiency in to manage dishware, glassware and silverware accessories for better culinary effect.

Administer all customer entertainment programs with care and provide personalize service to all.

Evaluate all customer requirements on continual basis and complete all requests.

Manage all communication with team members in straightforward way but ensure smooth workflow.

Analyze client requirements and modify to suit his or her requirement.

Administer and organize all projects in professional manner to enhance upkeep of regular attendance sheet.

Provide exceptional guest service to both indoor and outdoor visitors.

Prepare all food items and delivery dishes among guests in arrayed order.

Establish and set up dining room and service area before starting service plus remove structure after food being served.

Supervise efficient order placement and prepare receipt of processes to provide meals in coordination with staff.

Ensure proper table setting and provide service to conduct different sorts of jobs as assigned.

Implement all orders by checking accounts occasionally.

Ensure upkeep of sanitary cleanliness devices for acceleration of quality of sanitation and healthcare.

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