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Food Service Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure compliance with laws and company’s rules and maintain fair dealing in all business processes.

Analyze and monitor results of all business trends, upgrade and implement various plans to generate sales.

Determine and maintain effective food processing programs and ensure proper merchandising process.

Evaluate all food service trends and recommend changes and modification to programs to reach target.

Administer all work according to organization policies and processes through regular management and staff meetings.

Manage all communication for performance based issues to all staff members to improve quality of products.

Enhance the proper maintenance of food processing tools and enhance the creation of new products.

Evaluate all menus and oversee efficient handling and prepare strategies to maintain all and ensure effective sanitation.

Train and provide guidance to investigate various activities of food preparation with help of various food service members.

Review and oversee product quality program and enhance upkeep of food preparation.

Prepare and deliver various reports and documents to staff members on request.

Supervise and ensure proper care for safekeeping food to encourage students to eat same.

Monitor and modify recycling process and develop strategies for recycling wastage products as per local procedures.

Design various emergency practices such as extinguishing fire in kitchen and avoiding severe injuries to students.

Participate in various conferences and student reward meeting to provide encouragement to staff members and supervisors.

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