Food Service Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Assist all food service employees and provide necessary training to employees in this connection.

Implement all processes and recommend enhancement of supply ordering functionality and check timeframe and maintain attendance sheet for payroll.

Coordinate with Unit Manger/Assistant Manager for all HRD issues.

Maintain and ensure compliance with regulatory agency standard plus for all organizational policies.

Maintain proper temperature of food line items as per regulatory board and provide efficient serving line for same.

Oversee shortlisting of food packages through efficient selection and removal process plus check daily updates.

Provide training and investigate all works done by company’s food service department.

Maintain upkeep of safety and sanitation standard at highest level and ensure compliance with all regulatory boards.

Manage all communication and perform troubleshot on various process and initiate in appropriate decision making.

Prepare reports and forms and ensure completion within appropriate timeframe.

Maintain confidential data for all patients, visitors, doctors and healthcare business.

Monitor and maintain health related information system to generate meal reports and orders.

Perform regular inspection of tray assembly, dish room area, and cafeteria for cleanliness and proper operation of equipment.

Perform regular investigation on regular basis and to oversee transaction to maintain product quality and specification programs.

Manage work and conduct payroll fixation process and prepare product reviews and reports.

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